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Five Tips On Talking To A Loved One About Their Addiction

Speak When They Are Sober
You need to pick and choose when the best time is to do that. This is a two-way street. You cannot accuse them of anything. What you need to do is bring awareness. Let them voice their opinions too. It cannot just be about you talking. Doing it when they are drunk or high is only going to cause more problems. Give them the chance to think about what you said.

Story Time

Sometimes providing examples can help your case. Letting them know when something negative happened can often make an impact. You are letting them know that you do not want the same thing to happen to them. This is a chance for you and your friend to establish some dialogue.

Love and Support

You need to show them you love them. No matter what. Do not show them the door. Do not offer ultimatums. You might end up losing them for good. That is the last thing you want to do. They need your love and support, especially if they are going to get sober.

Mixed Signals

You cannot tell your loved ones that you are concerned and then go buy them some more beer. I watched that happen to this one father and son. The father expressed concern one minute. The next minute he was out buying a 12-pack because he did not want there to be a bloodbath. You cannot do that. Learn from that.

Encourage Them

You can encourage them to seek treatment. However, it is up to that person to make the choice. Moreover, you cannot make the call for them. They need to do it themselves. It will happen when they are ready and not before then.

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