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Opioid and Oxycodone Defined

Opioid and Oxycodone

Opiates are most commonly used to treat pain. Their name is taken from the active ingredient found in opium. Opium is harvested from the poppy plant and the drugs made from them are known as opioids or narcotics. As a medication, these opioids are combined with other drugs to treat mild to severe pain in patients. The drugs are marketed under many different names depending on their potency and the ingredients they are combined with. 
Codeine is typically used to treat pain, as a cough suppressant, and to treat occasional diarrhea.

Vicodin is normally prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain and contains hydrocodone, an opioid pain medication. Vicodin combines the hydrocodone with acetaminophen, a less powerful pain reliever that enhances the effects of the opioid. Oxycontin is marketed as oxycodone and is a partially synthetic form of thebaine. It is roughly one and a half times stronger than morphine. Oxycodone is most often prescribed by doctors for moderate to severe pain relief. 
Opiates are regulated by the government and most people begin using them after being given a prescription to relieve pain from an injury, illness, or surgery. Oxycodone and other opioids are very addictive and have led patients to use them for the high produced by the drugs not the need for actual pain relief. Some patients have developed such an addiction that they turn to illegal methods to obtain the opioids. The euphoric feeling produced by oxycodone can lead people to overdose because a tolerance is quickly built up and the need for higher doses leads to overdose and sometimes death. 
There is help available for those who are addicted to opioids. Medical detox allows patients to overcome the withdrawal symptoms under the care of a doctor. Withdrawal symptoms can include muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea among other physical pain. These can last from one week to many months depending on the severity of the addiction. A treatment program is recommended to help people overcome their addiction and if you want to learn more about Opioid and oxycodone come visit our site.