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Oxycodone Abuse And Treatment

Facts To Know About Oxycodone Abuse And Treatment


Many people who have had serious injuries are familiar with oxycodone. It is a drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone is used alone in immediate release and controlled release tablets. It is also used in combination with aspirin and acetaminophen. It is marketed under the brand names Percocet, Percodan, OxyContin, OxyIR and OxyFast. It is only meant to be used for a short time because like other opiates it can produce an intense high, and carries a great potential for abuse. 
Warning Signs Oxycodone Is Being Abused
Some people may hide their dependency for a while, but eventually an opiate addiction can have devastating effects. You may be wondering some signs to look out for to know if you or a loved one need help. Here's a list of what to watch for:
Lying or stealing to get more of the substance
Taking medication in a way other than prescribed
Dramatic changes in interests or personality
Neglecting job or appearance to focus on getting more of the drug
Stopping An Oxycodone Addiction
If left to continue an oxycodone addiction can take away everything in your life. Once you're ready to stop the addiction you may need some help. There are inpatient and outpatient programs that can help you. The first step is to detox from the drug, and some people can have horrendous withdrawal symptoms that can cause them to use again to get relief. There are programs that are used with medications to help you stop the relapse cycle that often happens to those trying to stop abusing oxycodone. Programs may also include therapy designed to give you the support you need to kick the habit for good, and to get your life back on track. Learn more about Opioid and oxycodone come visit us at our site.